About Fueled Vision

 Our vision is to tap into all levels of creativity in order to produce products that are meaningful, educational, enlightening, inspirational, intriguing, relevant, and mentally stimulating, that will command your attention and store a memory.

Our mission is to educate while having fun and entertainment. We also want to open people’s eyes and increase their awareness on the various subject matters, while enriching their lives.  

 Fueled vision was born with the idea of using the power of imagination to achieve the unimaginable. It is putting fuel to fire to ignite your passion to push beyond your limits.

It involves the use of all our faculties, abilities, perceptions, discernment, intelligence and foresight to conceive the unattainable. This could be as simple as using the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. If you can understand the concept that the window is not the view, it simply allows the view. The sky is also not the limit, but the direction we are going in. You will then get the concept that fueled vision has no limitations.

Our current products use the simple word search format in the puzzle book series in a manner that is both informative and educational while being fun and entertaining.